Watch on Youtube Listen in on the podcast Terry Tucker is one of the strongest people I’ve met. Terry’s life work is teaching others about how to use hard life situations and illness to create resilience and triumph despite the pain.  In his professional career, Terry has been a marketing executive, a hospital administrator, a […]

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How to create resilience & triumph despite the pain with Terry Tucker

Listen to the podcast here Watch on Youtube This fine Wellness Wednesday, I want to welcome Urmi Hossain on the podcast. Urmi is an Italian-Bengali working full-time in the financial services industry. She’s also a Youtuber, blogger, and self-published author. She is the founder of My Ways, a blog dedicated to empowering girls and women.  […]

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How to juggle a busy lifestyle & navigating thyroid issues with Urmi Hossain

We are back with the Wellness Expert Series! Today I want to welcome Michal Carlock to the podcast. Michal is the embodiment of resilience, determination, and faith. She is an actress, speaker, mentor, and the founder of Her Promise Circle, a faith-based community that empowers women to pursue their God-given potential while providing resources to […]

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How to Improve Your Mental, Spiritual & Physical Health with Michal Carlock

Watch on Youtube here and follow along on the podcast here! This is a topic I first heard about on Almost 30 and think it’s so interesting and important to staying true to who you are authentically. From keeping up with social norms, to going to the grocery store, to having someone flip you off […]


How to Practice Good Energetic Hygiene

Listen on Youtube or on the Pod Today we welcome Rachel Katz to the podcast! Rachel is the founder and host of the Full Life Podcast and we had an amazing conversation around faith and wellbeing. We also chat about her coaching practice, how she gets to the root of all her clients’ issues in […]


Wellness Expert Series 1 | The Intersection of Faith & Wellness with Rachel Katz

Listen and subscribe to the podcast here Maintaining good health and wellness costs money. Just simply living costs money. So it’s fair to say that our health and wellbeing relies on our financial situation. Finances and money are rarely talked about, although I feel like millennials and Gen Z are starting to break the barriers […]


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Hello all and welcome back to another episode of The Lovely Digest. I just wanted to thank you all for the love from the article I wrote for The Good Trade – if you haven’t had a chance to read it, you can check out the link in the shownotes. It’s all on how to […]


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In today’s episode: Finding Love in the World Around You, whether you’re in a relationship or not, I wanted to talk about how you can easily find love around you and within yourself. I remember being in college and between relationships and really struggling with resentment towards the couples around me and wondering why I […]

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Finding Love in the World Around You

Podcast show notes for Episode 8: One simple hack that changed my digestion. Intro First Part I’m super curious to know how last week’s assignment went and if you were able to learn more about your digestive system. I’d love to chat about it with you over on Instagram @lovelydigest  As you can imagine, I […]

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One simple hack that changed my digestion.

Podcast show notes for Episode 6: What is Bio-Individuality and Why is it Important? Intro First Part Let’s talk about bio-individuality. Bio-individuality is defined as the idea that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to health and nutrition. Instead, we’re all unique in our biological makeup and requirements. Each person has their own specific nutritive and health […]


What is Bio-Individuality and Why is it Important?