Watch here: I am a snacker. I’ve always been a snacker. I’m the girl that will get up after a meal and ask, “What’s for dessert?” I’m always thinking about food and love to eat. So when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s, and what I could eat became a big fat question mark, I […]

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Healthy Snacking

Watch here: Since I talked about working out last week I felt it was necessary to cover some protein basics and how much you should be getting. My best friend and I recently had a conversation about how she was feeling so tired and realized she hadn’t been getting enough protein, and that led […]

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Protein: How much should you be having?

Exposing “Healthy” Foods Intro First Part Are you vegan, dairy free, or gluten free? Then this episode is especially for you. If not, listen in, because what you think might be healthy is actually probably not. I was so shocked when I learned about ingredients in food, and with New Year’s goals in full swing […]

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Exposing “Healthy” Foods

Crohn’s Disease Safe Holiday Recipe Ideas Intro First Part Happy holidays all! I cannot believe it’s already the end of December. I hope you all have a lovely holiday season and New Year wherever you are and whatever you celebrate. I’m still just on cloud 9 from our Europe trip and visiting France’s and Switzerland’s […]

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Crohn’s Disease Safe Holiday Recipe Ideas

Podcast show notes for Episode 8: One simple hack that changed my digestion. Intro First Part I’m super curious to know how last week’s assignment went and if you were able to learn more about your digestive system. I’d love to chat about it with you over on Instagram @lovelydigest  As you can imagine, I […]

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One simple hack that changed my digestion.

My Absorb Plus experience and review!

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Absorb Plus Shake Review