Listen to the podcast here Watch on Youtube This fine Wellness Wednesday, I want to welcome Urmi Hossain on the podcast. Urmi is an Italian-Bengali working full-time in the financial services industry. She’s also a Youtuber, blogger, and self-published author. She is the founder of My Ways, a blog dedicated to empowering girls and women.  […]

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How to juggle a busy lifestyle & navigating thyroid issues with Urmi Hossain

Kevin Connelly is a breath-work teacher, cold exposure guide, and founder of Mexico-based ReConnect. He leads breath workshops, ice baths, and teaches clients about functional breathing and the power of healing your body naturally. In the episode Kevin and I talk about his journey to finding breath-work as a tool to help pull himself out […]

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How to use breathwork & cold therapy to improve mental health with Kevin Connelly

Watch the video here: Hello lovelies and welcome back to another episode of The Lovely Digest. In today’s episode we dive into my acne journey and how I was able to clear my skin without any crazy hacks or medications. The fix was so simple and easy I still cannot believe my acne hasn’t […]

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My Acne Journey, NO Spironolactone or Accutane

Watch here:—0aCL-GY One of my favorite things to learn about in the last year has been biohacking. Specifically biohacking for women and chronic illness. If you’re interested in that and want to learn more, leave a comment down below or via email, Today I want to cover biohacking basics and what biohacking is. […]

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Biohacking Basics for Women and Chronic Illness

Hello lovelies and welcome back to the podcast. Today I wanted to chat about my first remote Reiki experience. I am a huge skeptic when it comes to spiritual practices because I grew up Christian and I am a Christian, but also because I see a lot of spiritual practices being used as a bypass […]

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My First Remote Reiki Experience

In today’s episode: Finding Love in the World Around You, whether you’re in a relationship or not, I wanted to talk about how you can easily find love around you and within yourself. I remember being in college and between relationships and really struggling with resentment towards the couples around me and wondering why I […]

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Finding Love in the World Around You

On today’s podcast ep: Card Pull & Finding Inspiration for Your Prayer Practice, I dive into how I use a “controversial” spiritual practice within the Christian world to find inspiration for my prayer practice. As a Christian, I’ve spent the last few years struggling to identify myself. I combine a few different methods of practicing […]

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Card Pull & Finding Inspiration for Your Prayer Practice

Podcast show notes for Episode 8: One simple hack that changed my digestion. Intro First Part I’m super curious to know how last week’s assignment went and if you were able to learn more about your digestive system. I’d love to chat about it with you over on Instagram @lovelydigest  As you can imagine, I […]

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One simple hack that changed my digestion.

Podcast show notes for Episode 7, Body Basics: How the digestive tract functions Intro First Part I want to preface this episode with, “I’m not a doctor.” I’m a certified holistic health and wellness coach which means I’m here to help you work through accessing your bio-individuality and giving you practical advice to incorporate into […]

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Body Basics: How the digestive tract functions

Cultivating Hope – podcast show notes and transcript. Enjoy! Intro Hello lovely people and welcome to the Lovely Digest podcast. I am your host and friend Emily, founder and creative director at BECK Creative, sharing weekly wellness wisdom with you every Wednesday. My goal is to help you design your dream life and make the […]

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Cultivating Hope