In today’s episode: Finding Love in the World Around You, whether you’re in a relationship or not, I wanted to talk about how you can easily find love around you and within yourself. I remember being in college and between relationships and really struggling with resentment towards the couples around me and wondering why I […]

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Finding Love in the World Around You

Podcast show notes for Episode 8: One simple hack that changed my digestion. Intro First Part I’m super curious to know how last week’s assignment went and if you were able to learn more about your digestive system. I’d love to chat about it with you over on Instagram @lovelydigest  As you can imagine, I […]

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One simple hack that changed my digestion.

Come with me to my infusion this week! I have Inflectra infusions every eight weeks. Luckily I can go to a center near my house. Usually I’ll take some time off to rest, or just make sure I don’t have any calls the next day so I can stay in bed and listen to my […]

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Come With Me to My Infusion

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This week I thought I’d share all my lovely Instagram followers’ tips on how to get, and maintain, healthy and glowing skin and hair!


Followers’ Tips for Clear Skin

Crohn’s content time lovely ladies…

The reason I’m targeting the ladies today is because I am about to get down and dirty into the realities of life…that time of the month. Not sure if this will kill my vibe being one of my first articles going up here on the blog, buttttt gotta be real with y’all, and today is the perfect day for it.



Seeing the world shouldn’t take a backseat if you have IBD.


A Crohnie’s Guide to Roadtrips

Youtube about my migraines!



Decluttering your things can lead to a healthier mindset. Simplifying what I owned helped me to feel less claustrophobic and more creative, and gave me a much healthier environment for healing from symptoms of Crohn’s Disease.

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Room Tour & Why Simplifying Can Help Your Mental Health