Watch on Youtube here and follow along on the podcast here! This is a topic I first heard about on Almost 30 and think it’s so interesting and important to staying true to who you are authentically. From keeping up with social norms, to going to the grocery store, to having someone flip you off […]


How to Practice Good Energetic Hygiene

Listen on Youtube or on the Pod Today we welcome Rachel Katz to the podcast! Rachel is the founder and host of the Full Life Podcast and we had an amazing conversation around faith and wellbeing. We also chat about her coaching practice, how she gets to the root of all her clients’ issues in […]


Wellness Expert Series 1 | The Intersection of Faith & Wellness with Rachel Katz

Listen and subscribe to the podcast here Maintaining good health and wellness costs money. Just simply living costs money. So it’s fair to say that our health and wellbeing relies on our financial situation. Finances and money are rarely talked about, although I feel like millennials and Gen Z are starting to break the barriers […]


Financial Health

Hello all and welcome back to another episode of The Lovely Digest. I just wanted to thank you all for the love from the article I wrote for The Good Trade – if you haven’t had a chance to read it, you can check out the link in the shownotes. It’s all on how to […]


AMA – Health & Wellness

Watch here: I am a snacker. I’ve always been a snacker. I’m the girl that will get up after a meal and ask, “What’s for dessert?” I’m always thinking about food and love to eat. So when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s, and what I could eat became a big fat question mark, I […]

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Healthy Snacking

Watch here: Since I talked about working out last week I felt it was necessary to cover some protein basics and how much you should be getting. My best friend and I recently had a conversation about how she was feeling so tired and realized she hadn’t been getting enough protein, and that led […]

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Protein: How much should you be having?

Watch here: Hello lovelies and welcome back to the podcast. I hope you’re all enjoying the beginning of spring if you’re here in New England. I’ve already set up my beach calendar for the summer and can’t wait to incorporate beach mornings back into my routine. Today I want to chat about my workout […]

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My Workout Split for Chronic Illness

Watch the video here: Hello lovelies and welcome back to another episode of The Lovely Digest. In today’s episode we dive into my acne journey and how I was able to clear my skin without any crazy hacks or medications. The fix was so simple and easy I still cannot believe my acne hasn’t […]

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My Acne Journey, NO Spironolactone or Accutane

Watch here:—0aCL-GY One of my favorite things to learn about in the last year has been biohacking. Specifically biohacking for women and chronic illness. If you’re interested in that and want to learn more, leave a comment down below or via email, Today I want to cover biohacking basics and what biohacking is. […]

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Biohacking Basics for Women and Chronic Illness

Watch here after 3/20/23: I had my first colonoscopy at 17. The doctor thought I had GI issues, when I really just had a hernia. A little backstory – it’s common that those developing Crohn’s Disease start to have symptoms/show degeneration on colonoscopies five years before severe illness. However, my colonoscopy was clean. Less […]

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How to have a positive colonoscopy experience