Watch here after 3/20/23: I had my first colonoscopy at 17. The doctor thought I had GI issues, when I really just had a hernia. A little backstory – it’s common that those developing Crohn’s Disease start to have symptoms/show degeneration on colonoscopies five years before severe illness. However, my colonoscopy was clean. Less […]

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How to have a positive colonoscopy experience

Show Notes Hello lovelies, welcome back, this month I am covering topics related to navigating a chronic illness as three years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I recently turned 26 and in the United States that means that you get booted off your parents’ health insurance and need to get your own. I […]

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Health Insurance Basics

As I have become a part of the gastrointestinal medicine world, I have also been alarmed by the amount of side effects and damage done by doctors to their patients. Reading horror stories has sparked a flame to educate myself on my disease and how my own body works so I can take some control of my wellbeing. I do not want to be a passenger on my own journey!

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Root Cause Thinking