How to Cure Jet Lag Intro First Part Sticking with the travel-related pods this month in the hopes that they’re useful for anyone traveling home for the holidays! If you are, I would love to know where you’re from and where you’re headed over on Instagram @lovelydigest  Beating jet lag is something I have really […]


How to Cure Jet Lag

Can You Travel With Crohn’s Disease? Intro First Part Can you travel with Crohn’s Disease? If you listened to the last episode, the answer is clearly a resounding yes. But if you’re not in remission, this answer is a little more complicated. In May 2022, it was my first time traveling abroad with my disease, […]


Can You Travel with Crohn’s Disease?

Maintaining Good Health While Traveling Intro First Part While you’re listening to this episode, Mike and I are currently packing for our trip to Europe tomorrow. In June I was talking to my Grandpa and he told me all about his travels to visit family in Strasbourg France. My family dug out the ancestry books […]


Maintaining Good Health While Traveling Show Notes

The Areas of Life – podcast show notes and transcript. Enjoy! Intro Hello lovely people and welcome to the Lovely Digest podcast. I am your host and friend Emily, founder and creative director at BECK Creative, sharing weekly wellness wisdom with you every Wednesday. My goal is to help you design your dream life and […]

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The Areas of Life

While in Germany, I learned the importance of promoting wellness in stressful environments. Our stress levels heavily influence how we interact with a space. Have you ever noticed when you’re flustered you tend to forget things in the grocery store? Versus when you have the whole morning and yet you somehow make it through in […]


Promoting Wellness in Stressful Environments

Emily sipping wine in Germany.
Emily on a trip to India trying a coconut.

Working remotely 101: Have you ever wondered how to be one of those glamorous travel bloggers who gets paid to lay on the beach? Same here, but I’ve found a way to get pretty close to that… I love adventure. Traveling funnily enough gives me anxiety, but maybe I’m just addicted to the adrenaline rush […]

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Working Remotely 101

Come along with me for a weekend in Maine! I hope you enjoy this video – I realized pretty quickly posting everyday was a bit of a stretch. The videos lost a lot of quality and while I love chatting and connecting with you all, I’d rather have nicer sit down videos to answer your […]

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A Weekend in Maine

I want to talk a bit about how to stay in your authenticity! Life and societal programming can draw us away from who we are.


Staying True to Your Authentic Self

Seeing the world shouldn’t take a backseat if you have IBD.


A Crohnie’s Guide to Roadtrips

I could sit here wishing I found this purpose in college, but the reality is that I would’ve had to drop out of school or take time off and that would have probably crushed my spirit too much for anything good to come out of it. Everything happens in its own time.


Finding Your Purpose