On today’s podcast ep: Card Pull & Finding Inspiration for Your Prayer Practice, I dive into how I use a “controversial” spiritual practice within the Christian world to find inspiration for my prayer practice. As a Christian, I’ve spent the last few years struggling to identify myself. I combine a few different methods of practicing […]

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Card Pull & Finding Inspiration for Your Prayer Practice

What is Manifestation, Really? Intro First Part Today I want to talk about one of my favorite topics: manifestation. Manifestation can be so much freakin fun and I feel like I have a totally different way of looking at it than most people. I have never really loved the term manifestation because as someone who […]

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What is Manifestation, Really?

It’s ok to have a practice that makes you feel connected that doesn’t fit into any church practice or spiritual practice that influencers might post on Instagram.

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Finding a Spiritual Practice