Holistic health is really about looking at the whole picture, rather than zooming into symptoms.

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What “Holistic” Health Actually Means

As we slowly start to transition out of covid-life, most of us will be bombarded with change. After all, our bodies and minds are now probably quite used to being secluded at home with minimal outside stimuli. So how can you prepare for the changes to come?


Navigating Change with Chronic Illness

I am so excited to announce that I am writing an ebook! In today’s post, I want to share with you guys the most important thing I touch on in the ebook: the six pillars of healing.


Foundations of Healing

I could sit here wishing I found this purpose in college, but the reality is that I would’ve had to drop out of school or take time off and that would have probably crushed my spirit too much for anything good to come out of it. Everything happens in its own time.


Finding Your Purpose

Hello lovelies, here is a little video on what, why, and how I pack my on-the-go bag for Crohn’s Disease to make life a little easier and ensure my confidence on the road!

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Travel & On the Go Bag for IBD