Watch on Youtube here and follow along on the podcast here! This is a topic I first heard about on Almost 30 and think it’s so interesting and important to staying true to who you are authentically. From keeping up with social norms, to going to the grocery store, to having someone flip you off […]


How to Practice Good Energetic Hygiene

Hello lovelies and welcome back to the podcast. Today I wanted to chat about my first remote Reiki experience. I am a huge skeptic when it comes to spiritual practices because I grew up Christian and I am a Christian, but also because I see a lot of spiritual practices being used as a bypass […]

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My First Remote Reiki Experience

While journaling, meditating, nourishing my body, doing yoga/pilates, and having a routine help me maintain homeostasis in my body and mind, the following help me cope when the world outside is turbulent and I can feel it start to impact me:

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How to Soothe Chronic Stress – The Root of Illness

*if you listen to “it’s summer 1983, you fell in love somewhere in northern italy” while you vision board, it’s a whole mood


How I Make Vision Boards

This week I’m celebrating the launch of my first ever ebook! It’s packed with all the tools and tips I used on my healing journey and how I made each my own.


Foundational Tools for Healing

By leaning into the pain and learning how to process it in a different way, I felt myself healing internally at a much quicker rate.


Healing Light Meditations